Bachata solo,  Bachata tips

How to practice Bachata by yourself at home

1️⃣ Practice in front of a mirror
You will see what you’re doing wrong and you will have the possibility to correct

2️⃣Repeat the same move a few times, as much as possible. Remember you’re building muscle memory. You’re practicing until the moves come naturally, you put it in your subconscious mind to never think about it anymore 😉

3️⃣Record yourself, sometimes when you dance you feel like you’re doing well, and when you watch it, it doesn’t look the same 😔. Then it’s actually when you look at yourself, that you can see what you’re doing wrong. So practice, record one day and record yourself later and watch the progression
When I watch my videos a few years later I can realize all the progress I’ve made. I know I still need to improve but watching these videos helps me to believe that I can always do better 😉💪