Bachata tips,  Following

How to be a better follower – 7 TIPS

Tips with details:

1️⃣ Don’t be heavy, don’t put all your weight on the leader

2️⃣ Keep a good frame, no fluffy arms, right tension

3️⃣ Don’t anticipate the move, don’t guess what the next move will be

4️⃣ Don’t do backleading, don’t do the move yourself

5️⃣ Don’t overstyle, find the right space to style and keep always attention to the leading. But when the leader gives you space to shine it’s your time, go for it

6️⃣ Keep your balance, don’t rely on the leader for that. Be aware of the space around

7️⃣ Have fun with your partner, smile, enjoy the dance and the music

Hope it helped you 😉😊