How bachata can improve confidence and alleviate depression
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How Bachata can improve your confidence and alleviate depression

Yes, Bachata can improve your confidence and alleviate depression ! If you don’t trust us, check out this interview and you will figure out, on your own!

Dancing and especially dancing bachata has so much power on your mental health. I haven’t realised that until that interview I’ve made !

Me My Health and I

I had the honour to be interviewed by Emilie Marie Berge, author of the Blog : Me My Health And I .

Emilie is an amazing woman who had suffered from depression. She had made many researches on depression and had discovered many tools to manage it : yoga, diet, ayurveda, hypnosis, NLP. She shares in her blog all she knows about mental health to help people to get through depression.

To know more about her story it’s here.

Her blog is very interesting, she interviewed many professionals on different topics. I highly recommend you to have a look to her blog and check out these interviews. You will learn, for sure, so many useful information about mental health :

The collaboration between Me My Health And I & Let’s dance Bachata

One day, Emilie came to me and she told me, i have a blog on mental health, especially about depression. I think we should work together because I’m sure there is a link between depression and dancing. And she was right, I’ve never thought about that before and suddenly the idea came out. Why not talking about confidence, self love while dancing bachata to alleviate depression and to improve your mental health !

This is how this interview was born haha ! During 45 min, we explored :

  • My journey to becoming the Bachata dancer and blogger that i am today (spoiler alert: i will actually take you on a journey around the world!). If it’s the first time you come on my blog, you can read a bit more about my story here.
  • What is Bachata ? And the differences between Dominican Bachata and Sensual Bachata,
  • What are the benefits of Bachata for someone who is feeling a bit down or depressed,
  • How you can use Bachata (or any other dance) to improve your confidence and alleviate depression,
  • How to learn Bachata in a COVID-19 world.

I’m so grateful to Emilie for that experience. I think new projects about personal growth and Bachata will come on my blog !! Stay tuned !

I hope you enjoyed this interview, if you want to know more about Emilie, follow her, just below :

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