Going to class and social dancing to improve

When you first started dancing Bachata and you thought, you would be good just by going to class!!

Obviously, if you want to learn how to dance Bachata or get better, you need to go to class. And you need to learn from a proper teacher. (Sorry YouTube videos or tutorials won’t be enough, even mine 😜)

But unfortunately, even the best teacher is not gonna replace social dancing! You need to implement it in your learning if you want to go to the next level!

I know it could be intimidating for some of you. I’ve been there and I know too well how you can feel: embarrassed, shy, nervous, ashamed, too scared to ask, too worried to be asked to dance…

But trust me, if you really want to learn how to dance bachata and be a good leader or a good follower (in other terms a good social dancer), you will have to face your fears and go to social dancing. Don’t worry all these feelings won’t last forever as soon as you gonna start going regularly 😉

Comment on the video if it has been your case and how you overcame it or if it is your situation right now and you ask for advice 😉😊