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Free training

The ultimate bachata training for beginners that want to go from zero to hero

There’s no better time to start to dance Bachata

The free training that will give you the basics you need to start learning bachata

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How to do the basic step
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All the information you need to know to start your bachata journey Answers to the questions you might have

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Our story

We are Alex and Aurelie!

Have you ever wanted to try bachata, but were to afraid to start? Or even worse, have you ever tried but didn´t get the results that you were expecting and got frustrated.

Let us tell you that is totally normal, like in every field, you don´t always have the best choice fitted to your needs. We all suffered from that in one way or another.


“When I started ballroom dancing many years ago, I struggled at the beginning and I didn´t feel that I was really progressing until I found the perfect teacher for me 2 years later. He helped to become a good dancer and to achieve my goals.

After many years dancing, I´m here to help you achieve those goals too.

It has been my focus in the last 10 years dancing bachata to become the best instructor possible that I can be, focusing my career in helping people around the world with a new technique that mix all the elements that I learned from Ballroom, Salsa and Bachata in the last 25 years.”  


“I always wanted to dance like the dancers in the TV show “Dancing with the stars”. However, I didn’t know anything about latin dance and I certainly didn’t dance the way I dance today.

I started dancing bachata in 2016. At that time, my styling was inexistent, my coordination was a mess, my following was very bad and to finish I was missing a lot of confidence in the dance floor. Fortunately, it had changed a lot, I trained myself, went to class, learned from international artists, Alex included to reach the level I have now. And I’m so excited to have the opportunity to share all the tips and tools I know to help you to become a great bachata dancer.”

Our Students say

Why wait? Set up your living room and let’s Dance Bachata!

Free training