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FREE personalized training plan

Would you like to receive a FREE personalized action plan to learn how to dance Bachata and improve yourself in the next 3 months?

During these last 16 years, Alex Alberola, international Bachata artist, teacher, judge, coach, and event organizer, has taught thousands of students around the world.

He helped them to become great social dancers.

Dozens of them are even bachata instructors and run their own school.


Here are some examples of what they say about Alex and his methodology :


His students became good social dancers because of his Unique Technique and Learning Methodology which allowed them to be quickly comfortable and autonomous on the dance floor.


And if you’re here right now, it’s because you want to:


  • Learn Bachata in the right way and improve yourself

  • Become more confident on the dance floor

  • Become a good social dancer


In order to be comfortable, confident, amazing and have fun on the dance floor and never be again: nervous, anxious, or shy during social dancing.


That’s why, we have decided to offer you a free “Training plan session” in which…


We will personally create an action plan adapted to your level and goals…



I’ll tell you why we’re doing this for free in a minute, but first, let me share with you the benefits you’ll get from this call.


We will talk together for 30 to 45 minutes on the phone.


We will start by analyzing your level, and your situation in great detail to determine your strengths, weaknesses, and above all, to determine which strategy is best suited to your learning.


Every student is different and unique with :

  • A different level

  • Different goals

  • Different ways to learn and memorize

  • Different frustrations, struggles, strengths and weaknesses


So then…


It’s not possible to give the same advice to everybody


So we’re going to see what you learned so far and what you’re doing to practice and improve your dancing.

And then, we will set up a plan for your learning in order to be comfortable in the next 3 months.

The goal is for you to be operational to enjoy dancing and see improvement on the dance floor as soon as possible.


We will show you :


  • What are the Bachata fundamentals to master

  • What you should focus on to improve yourself faster

  • The best methodology to become a great social dancer

  • How to optimize the skills you already have and build upon that


Thanks to these strategies, Alex’s students have gotten great results very fast.

Sometimes, in only one private lesson!


And to maximize your results, we are going to give you the methodology to learn how to dance Bachata and get better at it in order to become a great social dancer.


In short, you will have in your hands all the keys to success.


Now, you are probably asking yourself the following question:

Why are we doing it for free?


The answer is easy.


This is the methodology Alex teaches to his students.


To be completely honest, when people see the quality of information and value we deliver in these sessions, many want to work with us to help them to improve their bachata dancing quickly and get results.


I want to make it clear that this is not a sale call.


On the contrary, it is a real meeting where you will leave with a concrete action plan in your hands that you can start implementing in your dancing whether you decide to work with us or not.

Either way, you win.



As our time is limited, we could not offer this to everyone…


That’s why the number of spots is limited.


There is also a selection process in order to take only those people who we are 100% sure that we could help and deliver concrete results quickly.


If you still see this page, it means that we still have some places available.


You can book your 100% free strategy session by clicking on the button below.


You will be redirected to a short questionnaire, which is simple and will only take 30 seconds to complete.


This will give us the information I need to prepare for our call and have an efficient and productive session.


See you soon,

Alex and Aurelie