Social dancing

Dance etiquette – 20 Do’s and Don’ts in social dancing

20 Do’s and Don’ts in social dancing

It sounds pretty obvious but maybe necessary to talk about it, especially for the newbies in the bachata world 🤗😊

1. ✅ Have a good hygiene
2. ✅ Bring spare clothes (like a shirt)
3. ✅ Wear comfortable shoes (preferably dance shoes)
4. ✅ Be polite and respectful when you ask or refuse someone for a dance
5. ✅ Adapt the dance to your partner’s level
6. ✅ Be aware of the space around
7. ✅ Apologize if you bump into someone
8. ✅ Thank your partner for the dance
9. ✅ Respect personal space (don’t be too intimate and close if your partner doesn’t feel comfortable
10. ✅ Have a positive attitude, smile, look at your partner, have fun

11. ❌ Don’t talk too much during the dance except if both are ok but generally keep the talking on the side of the dance floor
12. ❌ Don’t teach or correct your partner, this is not the place for that except if the person asks you to do so
13. ❌ Don’t be too picky, of course, it’s ok to refuse to dance with somebody but simply be indulgent with the beginners, we all have started once
14. ❌ Don’t be intimidated to ask advanced dancers
15. ❌ Don’t do crazy moves, big dips, cambre, acrobatic moves, this is not the place for that
16. ❌ Don’t be selfish, social dancing is about sharing, not about showing off
17. ❌ Don’t confuse dancing and flirting, don’t take advantage of the situation to grope your partner
18. ❌ Don’t drink too much
19. ❌ Don’t bring too much stuff especially if there’s no locker room to avoid getting robbed
20. ❌ Don’t stress out if you’re not used to going to social, it will be fine 😉

Hope you found these tips useful!