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Challenge : 52 weeks for 52 bachata tips

I decided to start a new big challenge !

During 52 weeks, i will give you a bachata tip every week in an article.

52 weeks for 52 bachata tips (article once a week)

About this challenge, 52 weeks for 52 bachata tips

52 tips to become a better bachata dancer

With these 52 bachata tips, you will get information about:

  • How and where to start bachata
  • How to improve your dancing
  • How to enjoy more your bachata journey

I’m so exciting about this new challenge. Especially for 2 reasons:

  1. It’s a challenge that you will benefit with great content to help you in your bachata journey.
  2. Personally, it will force me to pause myself and think about my experience, knowledge in order to transcribe information, the best way i can

At the end, it will help YOU and ME to improve ourselves and become better bachata dancers.

Why this challenge?

Bachata goal : become a better bachata dancer

As you know, if you have read my story (and if you haven’t click here to view my “About page”). I’m not a professional, teacher, artist or whatever. I’m a bachata dancer, still learning and obviously very passionate about bachata 😊

My purpose is to improve myself and become better day after day. I truly believe, we can do it together, if it’s your goal too. And I’m sure with this blog and especially with this challenge, it will help us to reach this goal.

A little bit about my story

Why I’ve chosen dancing?

Bachata passion

I remember one day, i was 7 and i was taking swimming lessons. I hated that and i said to my mum:

– “Mum, i don’t want to keep swimming”

-My mum said: “Ok, you can stop it but you need to find something else to do, choose anything else you like.”

-It was the first sport i had to choose in my life and you can guess the answer. I said “Mum, i want to dance !” Still hard to figure out why at that age, i decided dancing? But i knew it, my instinct told me, this is for you 😀


After that, we went to ballet class and i said to my mum “No, i don’t want to do that”. Now, I regret a bit that decision because it would have help me a lot for bachata but anyway ! Life is exactly like it should be right? So i decided to take “Modern jazz” lessons. I really enjoyed the classes but at that time, i was very shy, not very interacting with the others.

One day, at the end of the year, we had to do a show with all the choreographies we learnt during the year. This day, i told to my mum, “I’m sick, i can’t perform”. Truly, i was so terrified than I didn’t do the show. After 3 years, i stop dancing because i wasn’t enjoying as much as the beginning and i couldn’t handle the pressure to be on stage. I wasn’t confident at all at that period of my life! Thankfully, it has changed a little bit since 😉

Why Bachata?

20 years after that, i decided to dance again but i wanted to practice a partner dance. I’ve always been fascinated by ballroom dance and the famous TV Show “Dancing with the stars“. I thought to myself, why not try salsa?

And i saw for the first time a couple dancing bachata during a party and i said to myself, “i want to do that!“. Then, I saw that video on YouTube of Daniel and Desiree below, famous international bachata artists. I just fell in love with bachata, and later on the traditional music… At that moment, i knew i wanted to be a bachata dancer!

First bachata video i saw : Daniel and Desiree‘s choreography
I wanted to dance like Desiree 😀

My bachata journey

In France

After that, I started dancing one year in France bachata and salsa as well in the same time. I made that choice because i knew it was a must if i wanted to enjoy more the latin parties. Later on, i understood salsa was very helpful for bachata too 😉

Around the world

Then, i decided to travel around the world, in New Zealand first, where i learnt English. (By the way, sorry for my english, still improving myself 😀 ). I haven’t dance during this year except, once in Auckland! It wasn’t really my priority at that time, even if bachata was still in my mind.

After New Zealand, i decided to go to Australia to finally dance bachata !!! I was missing it so much. I did some researches to know where i could find good bachata teachers and i found Carlos and Chloe in Brisbane teaching in their school Paradizo.

First video of Carlos ans Chloe i saw. I really loved their own fusion style

I met there Alex Alberola, amazing teacher, one of the pioneers of sensual bachata with Jorge Escalona alias Korke, both from Spain.

Alex Alberola and Madalyn Milazzo demo after class at Paradizo school (Brisbane) with Carlos and Chloe and the students (You can see me on the right, i don’t look very enthusiastic 😀)

I spent one year in that school where i learnt so much with amazing teaching quality, technique… I was very sad when i had to leave the school, the teachers and all the friends I’ve made. Indeed, Paradizo is not just a school or a community, it’s a family. You have to go there to live it!

I also wanted to experience something different and i decided to go to the country where sensual bachata was born : Spain and especially Barcelona where the creators of “bachata sensual” teach : “Korke and Judith“.

Korke and Judith, creators of sensual bachata, from Spain

What about you?

What’s your biggest challenge in bachata at the moment? Why have you decided to dance bachata? Please share your answer in the comments, i would be more than happy to read you !!!!!

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Thanks for reading me, stay tuned 😉