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    Bachata body movement – How to isolate your chest

    ✅It’s important to know how to do it because it will be required in certain Bachata moves 📝Here is an example of how to isolate your chest as a follower when the leader does a specific move called “Pinza”, characteristic in Bachata sensual You can notice that my chest is moving in 4 directions:👉 Front: my weight is on both legs, on the toes👉 Left: I bend a bit on my left leg, my weight is on this leg👉 Back: my weight is on both sides, on the heels👉 Right: I bend my right leg and my weight is on this leg 📌I hope you found these instructions useful!

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    Bachata sensual – Improve your Body movement

    Bachata sensual and the infinite/continuous movement concept I just wanted to introduce a bit of Bachata sensual. The goal of this tutorial is not to explain how to do this figure in detail, my post will be way too long to do it. Be aware the movement is the same for followers and leaders. I just added a little bit of arms styling at the end for the followers. So yes leaders you need to work on your body movement 😜 I just wanted to share the concept of infinite movement that we find in Bachata sensual. If you want to dance sensual bachata, few tips: 👉Use breathing technique👉Don’t cut…