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    Going to class and social dancing to improve

    When you first started dancing Bachata and you thought, you would be good just by going to class!! Obviously, if you want to learn how to dance Bachata or get better, you need to go to class. And you need to learn from a proper teacher. (Sorry YouTube videos or tutorials won’t be enough, even mine 😜) But unfortunately, even the best teacher is not gonna replace social dancing! You need to implement it in your learning if you want to go to the next level! I know it could be intimidating for some of you. I’ve been there and I know too well how you can feel: embarrassed, shy,…

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    5 fundamentals you should focus on to improve yourself and become a great social dancer

    1️⃣Partnerwork (try to find a partner to practice with after class)2️⃣ Footwork (improve your solo part when the mambo is coming in the song)3️⃣Body movement (perfect your movement (body waves, rolls, isolations…) And leaders it is just as important as followers. If you don’t know how to do a body wave, how could you lead it to your follower?4️⃣ Musicality (Dancing Bachata is not only doing combinations, you also need to dance to the music and do moves according to the music5️⃣ Styling (practice your styling to make it nice and to be able to use it at the right moment) I hope you found these tips useful!

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    3 benefits of dancing Bachata

    3 benefits of dancing Bachata 1️⃣ Physically: You do exercise You’re not surprised if I tell you that bachata is like any other dance, it’s gonna help you to keep in shape and stay healthy since at the end is like any other exercise, where you spent energy (burncalories) doing what you love! 2️⃣ Mentally: You increase your confidence and self-esteem Bachata (like any type of dance) helps you to improve your confidenceand self-esteem because you learn a new discipline and the more you learn,the more you get better, the more you feel good about yourself.And it has an impact on your life too not only on the dance floor…

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    FREE personalized training plan

    Would you like to receive a FREE personalized action plan to learn how to dance Bachata and improve yourself in the next 3 months? During these last 16 years, Alex Alberola, international Bachata artist, teacher, judge, coach, and event organizer, has taught thousands of students around the world. He helped them to become great social dancers. Dozens of them are even bachata instructors and run their own school.   Here are some examples of what they say about Alex and his methodology :   His students became good social dancers because of his Unique Technique and Learning Methodology which allowed them to be quickly comfortable and autonomous on the dance floor.   And if you’re…

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    What’s Bachata

    ➡️Bachata is nowadays a Latin partner dance 👉It comes from Dominican Republic and started to be known in the ’60s👉Etymologically, it’s an African word👉It means party or reunion. It began to be a way of gathering with people, where people used to play and listen to popular music, have fun, express their pain, joy in the field.👉Her roots are Bolero, Cuban son, Merengue, Guaracha and Mexican ranchers We hope you found this information useful!