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    5 fundamentals you should focus on to improve yourself and become a great social dancer

    1️⃣Partnerwork (try to find a partner to practice with after class)2️⃣ Footwork (improve your solo part when the mambo is coming in the song)3️⃣Body movement (perfect your movement (body waves, rolls, isolations…) And leaders it is just as important as followers. If you don’t know how to do a body wave, how could you lead it to your follower?4️⃣ Musicality (Dancing Bachata is not only doing combinations, you also need to dance to the music and do moves according to the music5️⃣ Styling (practice your styling to make it nice and to be able to use it at the right moment) I hope you found these tips useful!

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    How to practice Bachata by yourself at home

    1️⃣ Practice in front of a mirrorYou will see what you’re doing wrong and you will have the possibility to correct 2️⃣Repeat the same move a few times, as much as possible. Remember you’re building muscle memory. You’re practicing until the moves come naturally, you put it in your subconscious mind to never think about it anymore 😉 3️⃣Record yourself, sometimes when you dance you feel like you’re doing well, and when you watch it, it doesn’t look the same 😔. Then it’s actually when you look at yourself, that you can see what you’re doing wrong. So practice, record one day and record yourself later and watch the progressionWhen…

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    5 things you can do besides Bachata to improve yourself

    1️⃣Do another Latin couple dance like-Salsa to improve your speed, turn technique,-Kizomba to improve your connection, -Zook to improve your body movement and balance 2️⃣Go to the gym to gain muscle strength and improve your posture 3️⃣Do dance technique class, like ballet to improve your dance technique in general 4️⃣Do stretching to improve your flexibility, range of motion, and avoid injuries 5️⃣Do another dance style likeHip hop to work on your isolations, Reggaeton to work on your body movement, contemporary to work on your expression We hope you found these tips useful!

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    Common questions: Is it hard to learn how to dance Bachata, does it take a lot of time?

    👉Well, it really depends HOW you learn, WHO you learn from and HOW MUCH you’re willing to commit 👉I would say that if you have the right “step by step” methodology and find the right instructors, it shouldn’t be hard and shouldn’t take years depending on your goals 👉And don’t worry, it’s never too late to start! Even if you think you have two left feet or tried and didn’t succeed, you can do it! 👉If you can practice 15-20min a day what you learned in class, it will help you a lot to improve faster. Repetition is key, you’re building muscle memory Hope you found these answers useful 😉

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    How to be a better follower – 7 TIPS

    Tips with details: 1️⃣ Don’t be heavy, don’t put all your weight on the leader 2️⃣ Keep a good frame, no fluffy arms, right tension 3️⃣ Don’t anticipate the move, don’t guess what the next move will be 4️⃣ Don’t do backleading, don’t do the move yourself 5️⃣ Don’t overstyle, find the right space to style and keep always attention to the leading. But when the leader gives you space to shine it’s your time, go for it 6️⃣ Keep your balance, don’t rely on the leader for that. Be aware of the space around 7️⃣ Have fun with your partner, smile, enjoy the dance and the music Hope it…

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    5 common mistakes that leaders make in Bachata and that you should avoid

    Few tips: 1️⃣ Don’t be off-time. Before doing combination, make sure you’re stepping on the beat during the basic step. It could be hard for the follower to follow you if you’re not respecting the timing 2️⃣ Don’t use force to lead, don’t force the move. Leading is all about technique, breathing, connection and tension. Don’t confuse tension and force 3️⃣ Don’t move your arms in every direction. Especially during the basic step. You’re indicating confusion to the follower. Your arms are part of your frame to indicate leading information to your follower 4️⃣ Don’t forget the space around. Be aware of the people who are dancing around you. Check…

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    How to get better at Bachata – 3 TIPS

    Tips with details: 1️⃣ Practice the steps you learn in class a few times, repetition is key. You’re building muscle memoryPractice them in social dancing. Don’t be afraid to try. If you don’t try you’ll never get a chance to improve yourself 😉 2️⃣ Find a partner to practice the moves. Don’t hesitate to ask around you, ask someone in your class. It will be an opportunity to practice before social dancing and it will help you to keep motivated 😉 3️⃣ Find a mentor Ask an advanced dancer, a good teacher, a professional to give you feedback on what you’re doing right or wrong to keep going in the…