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In Bachata, the followers use to raise their arms a lot! Here is an example of a technique on how to raise and go down your arms 1️⃣You need to prepare your arms by crossing them in front of you (your hands are soft). As you’re preparing, inhale (your chest is rising a bit2️⃣As your arms go down, extend your fingers and exhale3️⃣Extend your arms, when they are…

How to improve your musicality Few tips that @alexalberola_official teaches in our class:👉 The different instruments in Bachata👉The structure of a Bachata song👉How to find the one👉How to step on the beat👉What to do during the breaks and hits of a song, what moves you can use👉How to be musical If you want to improve your musicality: Book a free call session

Bachata partnerwork – Improve your leading and following technique 💪Become a good leader and a good follower requires technique 👍Being musical is not an inner talent. It’s something you need to work on in order to be natural 😉😊 If you want to improve your leading and following technique: Book your free session 🎶 Kewin Cosmos – Como Los 90s🕺💃@alexalberola_official @aurel.bachata

✅It’s important to know how to do it because it will be required in certain Bachata moves 📝Here is an example of how to isolate your chest as a follower when the leader does a specific move called “Pinza”, characteristic in Bachata sensual You can notice that my chest is moving in 4 directions:👉 Front: my weight is on both legs, on the toes👉 Left: I bend a…

Bachata sensual and the infinite/continuous movement concept I just wanted to introduce a bit of Bachata sensual. The goal of this tutorial is not to explain how to do this figure in detail, my post will be way too long to do it. Be aware the movement is the same for followers and leaders. I just added a little bit of arms styling at the end for the…

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Would you like to receive a FREE personalized action plan to learn how to dance Bachata and improve yourself in the next 3 months? During these last 16 years, Alex Alberola, international Bachata artist, teacher, judge, coach, and event organizer, has taught thousands of students around the world. He helped them to become great social dancers. Dozens of them are even bachata instructors and run their own school.   Here are some examples…