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Open position explanation (extract from our online complete bachata course for partners) Generally in Bachata, you can find 2 main positions: 1️⃣Open position2️⃣Close position In sensual bachata, for example, you can find a 3rd one called sensual bachata position. Here we’re explaining the open position 😉 👉 Palm facing up for leaders, down for followers👉 Leaders close with your thumb👉 Don’t squeeze hands👉 Don’t move your arms too…

Bachata Tutorial – STEP TAP 📌If you’re a leader:👉You start with your left leg, you open your leg and step with your left foot👉 You bring your right leg by closing it next to the other one, with your right foot and you tap👉And you do the same on the other side = 4 countsRepeat the same and you have 8 counts in total 📌If you’re a follower,…

1️⃣ Practice in front of a mirrorYou will see what you’re doing wrong and you will have the possibility to correct 2️⃣Repeat the same move a few times, as much as possible. Remember you’re building muscle memory. You’re practicing until the moves come naturally, you put it in your subconscious mind to never think about it anymore 😉 3️⃣Record yourself, sometimes when you dance you feel like you’re…

20 Do’s and Don’ts in social dancing It sounds pretty obvious but maybe necessary to talk about it, especially for the newbies in the bachata world 🤗😊 1. ✅ Have a good hygiene2. ✅ Bring spare clothes (like a shirt)3. ✅ Wear comfortable shoes (preferably dance shoes)4. ✅ Be polite and respectful when you ask or refuse someone for a dance5. ✅ Adapt the dance to your partner’s…

3 benefits of dancing Bachata 1️⃣ Physically: You do exercise You’re not surprised if I tell you that bachata is like any other dance, it’s gonna help you to keep in shape and stay healthy since at the end is like any other exercise, where you spent energy (burncalories) doing what you love! 2️⃣ Mentally: You increase your confidence and self-esteem Bachata (like any type of dance) helps…

📍Leader counting (from 1 to 4) starting with left foot 📍For the follower, it will be the counting (from 5 to 8) 1️⃣Open and step with your left foot on the left on 1 2️⃣Cross your right leg behind on 2 3️⃣Open your left leg to the left on 3 4️⃣Finish by tapping on 4 5️⃣Do the same in the opposite direction. 👉As you’re doing this step be…