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Sensual Bachata – Position, Isolations, Fundamentals NOTE: Remember that when we enter in sensual bachata position and we say “Blocking” we don´t mean blocking and squeezing the legs, but more to have contact with the legs and the hips. ➡️ If you want more info about our online course for partners: Click here ➡️ And If you’re just starting dancing Bachata, download our FREE Bachata Training Guide :…

When you first started dancing Bachata and you thought, you would be good just by going to class!! Obviously, if you want to learn how to dance Bachata or get better, you need to go to class. And you need to learn from a proper teacher. (Sorry YouTube videos or tutorials won’t be enough, even mine 😜) But unfortunately, even the best teacher is not gonna replace social…

1️⃣Partnerwork (try to find a partner to practice with after class)2️⃣ Footwork (improve your solo part when the mambo is coming in the song)3️⃣Body movement (perfect your movement (body waves, rolls, isolations…) And leaders it is just as important as followers. If you don’t know how to do a body wave, how could you lead it to your follower?4️⃣ Musicality (Dancing Bachata is not only doing combinations, you…