Bachata musicality

Bachata musicality – The traditional instruments in Bachata


The base of Bachata. It helps you to step on the beat

2️⃣Güira (it looks like a cheese grater 😁) is used in Merengue too. Characteristic metallic sound different from güiro (used in Cha Cha, salsa…)

3️⃣Lead guitar or Requinto
Acoustic or electroacoustic guitar, characteristic in the mambo part, the moment when you can do your footwork, your improvisation

4️⃣Second guitar (melody guitar)
This is the rhythmic base. With this instrument, you can find easily the one

Characteristic with a pause in his rhythm. A way to change your basic step for example

➡️ Don’t forget the lyrics, you can also use them to do steps, moves, or interpret the music

👉Be aware that nowadays, the commercial bachatas songs are mixing Bachata with other styles like rock, pop… So you can hear sometimes on top of the traditional instruments: piano, saxophone, synthesizer…

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