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Bachata arms styling – Lady Styling

In Bachata, the followers use to raise their arms a lot!

Here is an example of a technique on how to raise and go down your arms

1️⃣You need to prepare your arms by crossing them in front of you (your hands are soft). As you’re preparing, inhale (your chest is rising a bit
2️⃣As your arms go down, extend your fingers and exhale
3️⃣Extend your arms, when they are completely extended, twist your wrists out (this is the tricky part!). As you’re twisting your wrists, build a nice shape with your hands (extend your fingers)
4️⃣Raise your arms, keep them extended, inhale
5️⃣When your arms are completely up, bend your elbows out, same for your wrists
6️⃣As your arms go down, try to draw a curve with your arms and hands, and exhale

I hope you found these instructions useful and not overwhelming 😁🤪