Bachata,  Bachata tips

5 fundamentals you should focus on to improve yourself and become a great social dancer

1️⃣Partnerwork (try to find a partner to practice with after class)
2️⃣ Footwork (improve your solo part when the mambo is coming in the song)
3️⃣Body movement (perfect your movement (body waves, rolls, isolations…) And leaders it is just as important as followers. If you don’t know how to do a body wave, how could you lead it to your follower?
4️⃣ Musicality (Dancing Bachata is not only doing combinations, you also need to dance to the music and do moves according to the music
5️⃣ Styling (practice your styling to make it nice and to be able to use it at the right moment)

I hope you found these tips useful!