Bachata tips,  Social dancing

5 common mistakes that leaders make in Bachata and that you should avoid

Few tips:

1️⃣ Don’t be off-time. Before doing combination, make sure you’re stepping on the beat during the basic step. It could be hard for the follower to follow you if you’re not respecting the timing

2️⃣ Don’t use force to lead, don’t force the move. Leading is all about technique, breathing, connection and tension. Don’t confuse tension and force

3️⃣ Don’t move your arms in every direction. Especially during the basic step. You’re indicating confusion to the follower. Your arms are part of your frame to indicate leading information to your follower

4️⃣ Don’t forget the space around. Be aware of the people who are dancing around you. Check around before attempting a move to guarantee safety to the follower

5️⃣ Don’t do crazy moves, unsafe cambre or dips. Social dancing is not the place to experiment crazy moves that you don’t master. Be careful to the cambre or dips without proper preparation, technique and safety. You put the back health of the follower at risk

I hope you found these tips useful!