3 benefits of dancing Bachata

3 benefits of dancing Bachata

1️⃣ Physically: You do exercise

You’re not surprised if I tell you that bachata is like any other dance, it’s gonna help you to keep in shape and stay healthy since at the end is like any other exercise, where you spent energy (burn
calories) doing what you love!

2️⃣ Mentally: You increase your confidence and self-esteem

Bachata (like any type of dance) helps you to improve your confidence
and self-esteem because you learn a new discipline and the more you learn,
the more you get better, the more you feel good about yourself.
And it has an impact on your life too not only on the dance floor 😉

3️⃣ Socially: You socialize with people

It allows you to meet people with common interests and if you are a bit shy, then you don’t have to talk just dance and the talk can happen later 😊

So, resuming, bachata is great physically, mentally, and socially!
So no reason to not start!